Tom Brady still thinks Ochocinco will ‘make a bunch of plays for us’

FOXBOROUGH — Patriots quarterback Tom Brady kept things short and sweet at his weekly news conference at Gillette Stadium today as the team prepares to face the rival New York Jets at MetLife Stadium Sunday night.

Brady remains confident that the Chad Ochocinco signing will pay off for the Patriots despite his ongoing struggle to complete passes to the wide receiver.

“He’s continued to do a great job in practice in his role that he’s really carved out for himself,” Brady said regarding No. 85. “And he’s going to continue to be out there and hopefully make a bunch of plays for us. One of these days it really is going to click for all of us and the offense is going to… You always just go back to the foundation that we built, which is based on hard work, and getting out there and working your tail off.”


Brady was asked if Ochocinco had more leeway because of how hard the much-maligned wide receiver appears to be working during the week.

“Everybody is working hard,” Brady said. “You just realize at some point it’s going to pay off for all of us. You keep working hard, you keep staying late, you keep communicating, you’re working at it, you’re competitive, you’re trying to do the right thing. It’s going to pay off. We’ve got a long way to go.”

Brady also hit on the usual themes following his team’s second consecutive loss: the failure to execute plays, poor decision-making, and a lack of consistency on offense, especially with his receivers.

“If they’re open, they get it,” Brady said regarding the passing philosophy. “If they’re covered, you throw to someone else. If you put other guys in position, and they’re open first, they’re gonna get the ball. Really the guys that get the ball are just open. You’re never trying to just force the ball. I don’t think I’ve ever … well I shouldn’t say that. I have done that where you pick a guy before the play and use it and it doesn’t go very well. A lot of times you just try to read it out, the route, you know the coverage, you know the matchup, you read it, you make your throw using good technique, and try to throw the ball with accuracy.”


Brady spoke about what’s he’s seen on film when reviewing the offense’s performance. “I don’t feel like we can’t figure it out,” Brady said. “We’ve showed we can produce. We’ve made plenty of good plays. There’s no doubt about that. It’s just that we’ve got to eliminate some of the ones that are holding us back, namely the turnovers.”

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