Rex Ryan: ‘We’re ready’ for Patriots

For a week that started out with so much promise for an all-out trash talk war — Jets linebacker Calvin Pace called the Patriots “the Evil Empire” after Sunday’s win over the Bills — not much has transpired.

Jets coach Rex Ryan made a few quips, but said nothing inflammatory in his final press conference before Sunday night’s showdown in New Jersey.

He said the Jets are focused and eager for another shot at the Patriots, and hope the home-field advantage helps tip the scales in their favor.

“We’re relaxed, focused, loose, but we know what’s at stake. We know how big this game is and we’re excited about it. We’re ready for it, and we know they’re going to be ready for it. So it ought to be a great game. It’s almost like Ali-Frazier, it’s one of those type of things. We’re excited that it’s in our building. We’re not banking on that being the difference, but it might very well be the difference.”


More from his press conference, provided by the Jets media relations staff:

On getting pressure on Tom Brady:

“You want to hit Brady, there’s no question, you want him to where he’s not feeling comfortable. That you have to do, and if you can’t get pressure on Brady, then you’re going to get destroyed. So we have to find ways of getting there, whether it’s through a four-man rush like the Giants used a bunch, whether it’s something creative, or whatever, I don’t know. But you have to have to get pressure on Brady.”

On the Patriots’ pass defense, ranked last in the NFL:

“It’s funny, because the season is only half over, so sometimes those stats will even out as the year goes on, but the fact they’ve had, what, three out of their eight (defensive backs) never even went to training camp. That’s probably tough sledding if you’ve got to play those guys. Eventually, though, once they play, eventually they’ll catch up to the system and all that. But we’re just going to play our game and mix run and pass and see what happens.”

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