Welcome to Boston.com’s Greatest Patriot Tournament


Welcome to the Patriots version of the Big Dance. Just like we did recently with the Red Sox, we’re pitting the best Patriots of all-time against each other and are leaving it up to you to decide the winner. Some of you may have seen our recent series on the most beloved Patriots. If you have and you liked it, thank you. If not, we urge you to check it out to relive some of your favorite Patriots memories and celebrate some of your favorite players.

Many of those same players are In this tournament, but here we invite you to put your allegiances aside and vote for the most accomplished Patriots player ever. Check out the numbers and vote for each matchup as you would make your picks in your office pool in March. In two weeks, we’ll have a winner.


To view the tournament and participate, click here. Voting for the first round is now open and runs through Weds. at noon. Each round of voting will proceed every two days after that.

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