Brady familiar with what Chiefs will bring on defense

FOXBOROUGH — Even though the Patriots don’t face the Kansas City Chiefs on a regular basis, they’re a familiar foe to New England quarterback Tom Brady.

“It’s what we do on defense, so there’s a lot of familiarity through training camp and every day in practice,” Brady said at his weekly press conference at Gillette Stadium today. “It’s really a 3-4 defense and they’re very fundamentally sound. You can see the things that they’re coaching every single week. They line up, they’re very physical. They make it hard to run it. They’ve got some very good corners, very experienced corners, some athletic linebackers, so it’s a very good group and because they’re very well coached they’re rarely in a bad position.”


Brady had nothing but high praise for the 4-5 Chiefs, who will be without starting quarterback Matt Cassel on offense, but remain solid on the defensive side of the ball.

“It’s a very good team,” Brady said. “Defensively, they’re very well coached. We’ve been around Romeo [Crennel] for a long time so, we have a decent understanding of what he does but we haven’t played these guys in a while. They have some very good players defensively and we need really a good week so we can go out there and be very well prepared and play with confidence, play with anticipation, try to go out there and execute well.”

Brady spoke about the running the offense with quick counts and taking advantage of the defense using the no-huddle.

“If we feel that it’s going to be a big disguise game, then you have a lot of quick counts,” Brady said. “If ultimately they’re showing you what they’re doing, then you take your time. That’s just a cat-and-mouse [game] all day long that goes on especially with good defenses, and good secondaries…

“I don’t think we go in there and say we’re not going to run the no-huddle this week. I think there are times when we say OK well we may run it, we may not. We’ll see how the game goes. When you get into two-minute situations, you’re definitely in no-huddle.”


Brady was asked about the transformation of tight end Rob Gronkowski, who has quickly advanced from a promising rookie last season to the top of the NFL hierarchy this season.

“At the tight end position last year we had two rookies and one veteran,” Brady said. “This year we’ve pretty much had Rob and Aaron the whole year so those two guys have really been a big part of this offense. They’re very mature. They work hard and they love football and obviously that’s why they’re a big part in what we’re doing.”

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