Reaction from the both locker rooms

Patriots DE Andre Carter on the 3-4 defense:

“I just think in general, sometimes during the season, things don’t work out right for the offense and the defense has to support each other. And it can go vice versa, either way. But you have to understand this is a team concept, this is a team sport, so you always have to have each other’s back, whatever adversity you go through.”

On Mark Anderson’s performance:

“[Mark Anderson] is coming along real well. We complement each other. I think every week as we prepare for an opponent, we just constantly work off each other. At times they may be chipping me a little bit [laughs], he has an opportunity to win a one-on-one matchup and that’s how it’s supposed to be. So I’m very proud of him and he’s doing well.”


Patriots RG Brian Waters on his team’s slow start on offense:

“We got off to a slow start, not the start we wanted to get off to but like every game we find our way and we were able to get into a rhythm. Defense did a great job keeping them out of the end zone and causing turnovers and special teams turned up big. This was a team effort when we don’t start off well the rest of the team helps out until we can get back in the game.”

Patriots WR Wes Welker on finding openings in the defense:

“Yeah, I think they’re always openings, but it’s just a matter of us executing and playing well. They did a good job on defense and we got to come out and play better from the start — a lot better than what we did.”

Patriots running back Shane Vereen on his first career touchdown:

“It’s fun. It’s hard to explain, just because it’s the NFL now. It’s fun, I enjoyed it and we’ve got to get ready for next week.”

Patriots safety James Ihedigbo on players stepping up on defense:

“It’s a testament to guys stepping up. It’s great when you have the depth where key guys can go down and then you can have a performance like this on defense and especially in the secondary. Hats off to Kyle Arrington for having the performance that he did. And Phillip Adams, he played outstanding all game and ended up with a key interception down there in the red zone. And [Antwaun] Molden played great, too.”


Patriots OL Marcus Cannon on his return to the field:

“The coaching staff gave me a chance to play and it was awesome. You know whatever helps people, of course my story will always be there and I thank God every day, I am blessed and there is no way of putting it behind you. I am just looking forward to playing football.

Patriots WR Julian Edelman on his punt return for a touchdown:

“We held the gunners and our internal guys did a good job blocking their players. As a punt returner, you have to make someone miss and then get back to your return side so we executed the play really well.”

On playing with the defense:

“It’s definitely a new experience but like I said, whatever Coach (Belichick) asks me to do, I’m going to go out there and try and do it.”

Chiefs safety Reshard Langford on the difference between the first half and second:

“I can’t say that it was so much the adjustments the Patriots made, all I can say is that as a team we beat ourselves out there today. We were fired up and ready to play. We just made mistakes that you just can’t make in a game if you’re looking to win ”

Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson on how difficult is it to match-up with Gronkowski:

“He’s a big guy, but he’s not a quick guy. He did a great job tonight, he ran his routes and a couple of times he was open. You have a small margin for error when you play the Patriots and Tom Brady did a good job when he got his opportunities.”

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