Quotes of note from the Patriots 38-20 win over the Eagles

PHILADELPHIA — Some assorted quotes of note from the Patriots and Eagles locker rooms:

Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch on his long pass play that ended up on the one-yard line.

“I didn’t get in. I tried to run the last guy over, I forget his name, the safety, I didn’t get in. It was a great run. That was 10 years on me but the front line did a great job on that play blocking for Tom. It wasn’t a play that I made, it was a play that he made with his feet. Tom doesn’t get a lot of credit for keeping his hands open, getting out of the pocket, and making plays. That’s what he did. The easy part is stuff that we do on the outside. Getting open, staying open, scramble rules and all. All the credit goes to the front line and to Tom. Trust me when he’s scrambling, every bodywants the ball. We work on that in practice all the time.”


Branch on getting down 10-0:

“We kept our composure on the sidelines. Once we figured out what Philly was doing, we went out and executed.”

Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker on Julian Edelman:

“Julian’s a tough player. He goes out and practices hard and plays hard. He plays with a lot of energy. When you do that, good things happen.”

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman on whether he likes playing on defense:

“To be really honest I do not mind whether it is offense or defense. I just like being in on plays and doing what needs to be done to help us win.”

Edelman on what it felt like to get a hit on the quarterback:

“It was funny because with all the rules floating around, in regards to hitting quarterbacks, I wanted to hit him but do it right. I just did not want to get any kind of a penalty and hit him in the right zone.”

Edelman on whether he has been practicing on defense in practice:

“Absolutely I have been practicing with the defense because you have to, to know where you need to be. Any win in the NFL is a big win and I like helping in anyway that I can. We just need to keep it rolling and get ready for the Colts.”


Old friend Asante Samuel on how difficult it is to stop Patriots QB Tom Brady:

“It’s difficult. He’s a great player. They had the running game working and they had the passing game working. They were working on all cylinders. We couldn’t figure anything out.”

Eagles head coach Andy Reid on his team’s loss:

“Obviously the Patriots were a better team today than we were. You obviously can’t have that many penalties and turnovers when you’re playing a good football team. It’s my responsibility and I have to make sure that I take care of it.”

Reid on wide receiver DeSean Jackson not being in the game during the Eagles final two offensive possessions:

“I just wanted to give the other guys an opportunity… I just wanted to give the other guys a chance to make a play.”

DeSean Jackson on dropping two would-be touchdowns:

“Yeah, things happen sometimes. As a player, I am upset about it. It wasn’t one of my best games. As far as a couple of plays, I thought I could have had them, but at the end of the day, I didn’t come up with them. I have to move on and make better plays. I know I am a better receiver, there are no excuses behind that, but I just didn’t have my best game today. It’s frustrating, but I have to figure it out.”

Jackson on why he wasn’t playing at the end of the game:


“I don’t know. It was a decision that was made. As a player, I just have to live with it, it happened, and I have to keep coming to work, give my best effort and play hard. Come next week, I am going to make those plays.”

Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo on what caused the defense to get better in the game:

“I think we started a little slow on defense in the beginning of the game and then we just had to settle down. The sideline made some great adjustments and it really paid off for us. It worked out for us and we played better.”

Patriots cornerback Kyle Arrington on whether the adjustments on defense made the difference:

“I think the Eagles offense at first had a lot of quick throws and they were working. I think we needed to press them more and it worked. We felt that we needed to mix the coverage’s up more and make the Eagles earn it.”

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski on whether his yards early helped the offense get moving:

“I think it helped because you always want to get the offense moving and I think by the second quarter we started executing a lot more. I am happy with our performance tonight.”

Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on what worked so well with the no huddle:

“It changes the pace and I think we have a lot of different spreads out there and it is hard to cover. I like when we just keep get it moving on offense.”

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