Belichick slams notion that records matter

Bill Belichick might still be under the weather but he was at his best today during his news conference as he espoused the virtues of the 0-11 Colts, who come to town this Sunday.

The Patriots may be 8-3 and the Colts may be statistically one of the two or three worst teams in the league (they’ve scored just 150 points and given up 327, are ranked 31st in total offense and 29th in total defense, and have scored just one first-quarter touchdown all season), but Belichick will not entertain the idea for one moment that Indy’s record matters when the game kicks off.


“They’ve heard me talk about it every week, saying we don’t care about the record and we don’t,” Belichick said of convincing his players that the Colts will be a challenge. “What difference does it make? Look, how somebody played two weeks ago against somebody else, who cares? Us or anybody else. It doesn’t matter. Only thing that matters is how we and the Colts perform against each other on Sunday. That’s all that matters. Who cares who won three weeks ago in some other game against some other players? It doesn’t matter.

“We talk about it every…It doesn’t matter. There’s 16 games on our schedule, they’re all the same. It’s our team against that team that week and we look at, try to learn about our opponent and scout ’em and pick up tendencies, strengths and weaknesses and all that, but how we match up against that team that day is all that matters. The rest of it is just a bunch of garbage. You guys can write about it all you want – it doesn’t matter. I mean, really. The winner of this game will be decided by which team plays better on Sunday, not what happened four weeks ago. It’s like that every week. Every week.


“We judge ourselves on our performance. Go out there and things that we do well, we do well. Things that we don’t do well, we need to improve on. So…I don’t know how else to put it.”

But the piece de resistance came a few questions later, when a reporter asked if the Patriots really can be judged based on how they perform against an 0-11 team.

“I don’t agree with that, so go ahead on your soliloquy, but I just don’t agree with that. You don’t think you can gauge a team based on how a player blocks Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis? I mean, who else could you gauge it against? Are you kidding me? Covering Reggie Wayne and (Austin) Collie and (Pierre) Garcon – you don’t think you can gauge your coverage based on those players? I don’t care what their record is. You don’t think there’s better receivers around than them, better pass-rushers than Freeney and Mathis? I’m not sure what games you’re watching here.”

So…records. Don’t. Matter. Got it, Bill.

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