McCourty hoping he’ll be cleared to play on Sunday

After following Patriots’ protocol and evading reporters in the days since he suffered a separated shoulder against the Jets, cornerback Devin McCourty broke down and gave an update on how he’s been coming along.

The most pressing question, of course, is how close he is to returning to the field.

“I don’t know. I’m just trying to work hard and get back,” he said. “I don’t want to tell y’all I’m real close and then I’m not out there and it seems like I was just making stuff up, I’m just working and trying to get back in there as soon as I can.”


McCourty said every day he wakes up and tests he shoulder to see if it feels a bit better. He’s hoping on Sunday morning it will feel its best and he’ll be cleared to play against the Colts.

The two games he’s missed are the first games McCourty has lost to injury since his senior year at St. Joseph’s High School in New Jersey, when he was down with a hip injury.

“No player wants to miss games and sometimes you have to, but just trying to still be a presence here, coaching guys up and mainly just trying to get healthy – any treatments, anything I can do to try to get back and work on getting healthy again,” McCourty said about how he’s spent his time.

McCourty was injured when teammate Sterling Moore collided with him when the two were trying to take down Jets’ receiver Plaxico Burress. The play drew a head-scratching penalty, since neither McCourty nor Moore really hit Burress, but McCourty said his teammate didn’t owe him anything for putting him out of commission for a couple of weeks.

“Oh, nah, man. He came down and he tried to make a play and it was an incomplete pass, so I told those guys as long as the receiver doesn’t catch it, I’m all for it. Friendly fire sometimes,” McCourty said, smiling.

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