Follow the Pulse of the Patriots

Some of you may have seen our new Pulse Patriots feature that tracks how individual players are trending on social media. The feature also tracks how fans are feeling about the team at certain moments in time.

We’re using the @GlobePatriots account on Twitter to take your pulse on some questions throughout the game. Each question is tagged with the #pulsepatriots hashtag.

Our first question: Is there ANYTHING that interests you about this matchup? What are you looking for?

@GlobePatriots (1 p.m.): Do you want a casino in Foxborough? #pulsepatriots RT @shalisemyoung: casino magnate Steve Wynn on the sideline, near Robert Kraft


@GlobePatriots (1:03 p.m.): We’re taking submissions for the #Patriotsfunnyguy tweet of the game. If your tweet is the funniest, you’ll get an RT.

@GlobePatriots (1:20 p.m.): We’ve tracked 830 tweets on the Patriots, and so far 76 percent of them are positive. #pulsepatriots

@GlobePatriots (1:35 p.m.): Colts moving the ball pretty easily here. You worried this could actually be a game? Tag your answers #pulsepatriots

@GlobePatriots (1:39 p.m.): Do you boo Adam Vinatieri? #pulsepatriots

@GlobePatriots (2:07 p.m.): Serious question: Is there any player in the league you’d rather have in the red zone than Gronk? #pulsepatriots

@GlobePatriots (2:24 p.m.): Got a witty observation? Don’t forgot to submit (and tag) your #Patriotsfunnyguy tweet for consideration in the second half.

@GlobePatriots (2:59 p.m.): Finish this sentence: “Gronk’s so good, …” #pulsepatriots

Log onto Twitter to give your answers.

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