Manning appreciative of reaction from Patriots fans

FOXBOROUGH – Had a chance to discuss a few things with Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in the locker room. But he came back a few minutes later because he didn’t want to leave without saying how appreciative he was of the reaction he got from Patriots fans while he was signing autographs before the game.

Here’s what he wanted to say:

“These Patriots fans, who obviously while I’m playing through the years, like good fans, they make it tough on the opposing quarterback,” he said. “But they were sincere about, ‘Hey, I hope you get back. We miss seeing you out there. Sorry you’re not playing this game.’ So it was classy. I was real appreciative.”


Manning was obviously touched that it came from the fans of his biggest rivals.

“This is such an intense rivalry,” he said. “Your own fans are going to tell you they miss seeing you out there and get back soon, but when kind of your biggest rival does it, I don’t think they’d be saying it if they didn’t mean it.”

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