Brady: ‘We’ve yet to play a 60-minute game’


Here are some highlights from Tom Brady’s weekly chat on WEEI this morning:

Was it human nature that the Pats relaxed in the 4th quarter or is there something to be concerned with:
I just think we didn’t execute very well, offensively we didn’t get first down in fourth quarter, so you can’t do that. You’re not going to do much in terms of helping the defense out either. No, we were up 31-3 and I think everyone was obviously happy with that but we’d like to close the game out a lot better than we did yesterday.


Teammates called the win “disappointing”, what did it feel like to you:
It’s just our inconsistency that’s showed up from time to time this year. We’ve really yet to play a 60 minute game. I’d really love to see what the outcome is if we do play a 60-minute game. There’s things that haven’t really allowed us to be able to do that and hopefully we can get that straightened out going into this week’s game. We’ve won 4 straight, we had two pretty tough losses back to back six weeks ago and now we’ve won four straight. We’re in a good position. We’ve obviously got some huge games ahead – what more could you ask for in the middle of December? To be leading your division by a couple of games and you know really can put a lot of pressure if we go out and win this week on the competition.

Will Bill Belichick use the game as a “teaching moment”:

Well he’s always teaching. He was on us all last week about finishing a game and I think that’s the disappointing part is he put a lot of emphasis into that and we didn’t really play to that. So I think that was the disappointing part. We’ve got to do a better job of that as players – we’re all accountable as players, certainly I am, I could have done a much better job on a couple of throws there in the fourth quarter that I didn’t make very good throws on. If I do that, then it’s a whole different outcome to the game.


On the third touchdown to Rob Gronkowski, in practice is that a lateral or a forward pass?
Forward pass.

Do you care he didn’t break record yesterday? [For receiving touchdowns by a tight end in a single season]
No I don’t. The only thing, in terms of execution of that play is you want it to be a forward pass in case there’s a drop and it ends up on the ground. But it wasn’t so…It ends up being a lateral and if you don’t’ execute right the ball’s loose on the ground with them having an opportunity to recover it.

Did you know it was a lateral?
No, I thought it was a forward pass. I don’t know – it was close either way. It didn’t feel like it was backwards to me.

What happened with Taylor Price?
Ah…you know, it’s not really right for me to comment on any of that. I don’t get into that. I don’t make any of the decisions, I really don’t. I enjoyed Taylor, I enjoyed working with him and I wish him the best of luck.

Yeah, I mean, that happens every year, every team. There’s guys that for one reason or another just don’t fit on a certain team and other guys do step in and fit. Wes was undrafted and he got cut by the Chargers, and look at him now.

On the Packers and going for 16-0
You’re always watching all the good teams in our league and I always try to watch the Packers and the Saints to see what they’re doing offensively. They’re having a hell of a year; they’re tough to beat, I’ll tell you that. I remember when we were going through that, in order to beat our team, and we had a lot of depth that year in ’07 but there was a lot of margin for error that we had. When you play tough teams you’re not going to be able to make mistakes.


Whats the hardest thing about going 16-0
Well it’s just – there’s no one thing. It’s just a matter of, like I’ve said: winning an NFL game is hard to do. It really is. There’s good players and there’s fluky things that can happen on any single day, so it’s just the consistency of playing good football day in and day out, that’s the biggest challenge, more so than dealing with questions on a Wednesday afternoon, it’s lining up on Sunday and playing your best game. That’s the most challenging part.

On Peyton Manning and his future
He said he felt better. He’s a tough guy – obviously with him never missing a game up to this point, and even going into training camp he thought he was going to play. He’s a hell of a player, man. He’s a hell of a player. He’s a player that I’ve always watched and tried to learn from and a lot of aspects of his game that he does better than anybody else. I would never count against a guy like that.

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