Bill Belichick shares lessons learned from Mike Shanahan

Over the years, Bill Belichick has developed a few relationships with fellow coaches. During today’s conference call, he shared some bits about his friendship with Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.

“I think Mike liked me because he used to like to beat up on us all the time,” Belichick said. “He was – Denver, they got us a few times. Mike was out in San Francisco when I was with the Giants, so we’ve always competed against each other; we’ve never been on the same staff. I’ve gotten to know Mike a little bit off the field, league meetings and stuff like that. He’s a great competitor, I have great respect for what he’s done, all the championships and all the outstanding teams he has had and coached. I’d say most of our stuff has been off the field.”


On what he learned from Shanahan as a guest at camp a couple of years ago: “We talked about some things – some of the drills that we were doing and he kind of asked about: ‘Why are you doing this’ or ‘What was your thinking here?’ And also gave me some input as to how he’d done it and things he’d done a little bit differently. Actually, I thought he had some real good suggestions. We talked a little football and so it was good. It’s great to be able to talk to somebody that has that perspective. The Jimmy Johnsons or the Mike Shanahans or people like that that have been through NFL seasons and have a lot of experiences and can relate to all the different points in time, whether it be the draft, training camp, regular season, Xs and Os, personnel and so forth. It’s great to be able to exchange ideas with somebody like that. Mike is a really smart guy and he’s had a tremendous career. I think he has a lot to offer in a conversation.”

On if a coach can ever give up too much information: “I think there’s always the point when you’re competing with somebody or going to compete with somebody, how far you can really go there. In Mike’s case, this is a very smart and experienced coach and I don’t think there’s probably too much that we do that he hasn’t seen [or that] he’s pretty familiar with. I don’t think there are any state secrets there. Likewise, we’ve see what he’s done. There’s just so much there that it’s a lot to get ready for.”

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