Tom Brady on heated exchange with Bill O’Brien: ‘I deserved it’

Landover, Md. – The camera caught a candid exchange on the sideline today between Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien.

Late in the fourth quarter of the Patriots’ 34-27 victory over the Redskins, the CBS cameras captured Brady and O’Brien getting into a bit of a dustup on the sidelines after Brady’s pass to the back of the end zone intended for wide receiver Tiquan Underwood was picked off.

It appeared Brady wanted Underwood to go harder after the ball and O’Brien thought the error was on Brady’s part.


After the game, Brady spoke about the interception and shouting match with O’Brien:

“I threw a pretty bad interception so he [O’Brien] wasn’t happy about it,” Brady said. “A long line of coaches and players are pretty pissed at me after that, but Billy got to me first so I deserved it… I tried to throw it to Tiquan [Underwood] and they made a good play. We’re both pretty emotional guys so that’s what I deserve, you know? If you make bad plays, you are supposed to get yelled at by your coaches. This is not the first time and probably won’t be the last. It was just, you can’t do that in that situation and it was just a stupid play by me.”

Regarding O’Brien’s reaction, Brady said: “I made a terrible play, so he just let me know I made a terrible play. It’s football, man, it’s a game of emotion. It’s athletics. I was looking there and then I was trying to throw to Tiquan [Underwood] in the back of the end zone and was trying to get it over to [Gronkowski] and there were two guys on him and I put too much air on it. I gave the DB a chance to make a play.”


Brady was asked what he should have done on the play.

“You try to throw a ball where if your guy doesn’t catch it, no one catches it. You look like you have a matchup and if it is not there then it is not there. You are trying to make a play and coach says make good ones. It wasn’t a good play.”

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