O’Brien asked about shouting match

Offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien didn’t have much interest in hitting the rewind button and explaining details or his feelings about his heated exchange with quarterback Tom Brady late in Sunday’s win over the Redskins. Television cameras caught O’Brien and Brady yelling at each other after Brady’s end zone interception late in the fourth quarter, with backup quarterback Brian Hoyer stepping between the two, and receivers coach Chad O’Shea pulling O’Brien away.

“Just two competitive guys that want the best for the team,” O’Brien said today during his weekly teleconference with the media. “We’ve moved on to Denver, getting ready for Denver now.”


Brady, after the game and during a radio appearance yesterday, said that he appreciates O’Brien’s ability to coach a veteran star, even if it means getting yelled at. O’Brien was asked about that approach.

“When you walk in the door here and you work for Bill Belichick, you’re gonna learn how to coach and you’re gonna learn how to play,” he said. “That’s one of the things we pride ourselves on here, both coaches and players looking to improve every day, and communicating with each other every day, and sometimes communication takes different forms.

“It’s an intense environment and a competitive environment, and the players would want it no other way, and the coaches would want it no other way. So that’s what it is.”

O’Brien joked that he heard from his mother after the exchange was replayed numerous times on television, telling him that he should watch his language. Asked if he had any regrets about the incident, O’Brien again chose to look ahead, not back.

“Guys, we’re on to Denver here. That was the Redskins game, and I communicate with the players all the time, and the communication takes different forms at times, obviously,” O’Brien said. “But again, we’re focused on Denver at this point, and that’s what we’re game-planning for right now, so I’d really like to just focus on Denver.”

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