Tom Brady on Tebowmania: ‘I’ve been focused on their defense’

FOXBOROUGH — The sports world may be overflowing with Tim Tebowmania this week, but Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has other things to think about — specifically the Denver Broncos defense.

During his weekly presser at Gillette Stadium today, Brady was asked right out of the gate if he could explain Tebow’s success this season.

“I think they have a very good team,” Brady said, taking the spotlight away from the Denver quarterback. “I think they’ve obviously got a bunch of guys that play hard and play well together. I think they compliment each other very well offense, defense, special teams.


“Honestly, I’ve been focused on their defense. I haven’t watched a lot of Broncos offense this week. I’ve seen all their games, and they’ve got a lot of good players. [Linebacker] D.J. Williams, [cornerback] Champ Bailey obviously I’ve played against him a bunch. A lot of respect for a lot of those guys on the defensive side of the ball. That’s really our challenge this week, we’ll let the defensive guys handle their offense.”

Brady was asked if he’s ever seen one player lead a team the way Tebow has this season.

“As a team, everyone is trying to raise everybody’s collective level of energy and enthusiasm and that’s part of being a team,” Brady said. “You can really only do your job.”

Brady did talk about how important leadership is on a football team, and gave Tebow some props for that part of the job.

“Leading your team and representing what your coach is trying to put across on the field [is important],” Brady said. “So obviously he [Tebow] does a very good job of that.”

Brady, who has never met Tebow, said he is a fan of good quarterback performances around the league.


“I appreciate good quarterback play,” Brady said. “I’m always watching around the league whether it’s [Packers QB] Aaron Rodgers or [Saints QB] Drew Brees having phenomenal years, obviously Tim’s having a great year so you watch guys and the way they perform under pressure, it says a lot about who they are and the way that their teammates feel about them and it’s a big challenge so it’s going to be a very electric environment out there. We’ve had some really great games against the Broncos over the years, I’m sure this one will be no different.”

Later during the Q&A, Brady was reminded about his 1-and-5 career record when facing the Broncos.

“One-and-five? Oh man, that’s pretty bad,” Brady said. “Hopefully we get to 2-5 this week. Maybe it’s that mile-high air, I don’t know, maybe there’s something to that. I don’t know, just haven’t played very well I don’t think. We’ve had some very close games against them, just haven’t pulled it out.

“They’re a good team. They”ve have a good team for a long time, when coach [Mike] Shanahan was there. I think we’ve played a bunch of tight games with them. Hopefully we can start to work our way to getting even.”

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