Patriots Wednesday update

FOXBOROUGH — A very chatty Bill Belichick met with the media earlier today, tackling a number of topics as the Patriots continue to prepare for Saturday’s home game with the Dolphins.

For the second straight day, Belichick discussed how dangerous Dolphins running back Reggie Bush is because of his versatility. He also heaped praise on Miami cornerback Vontae Davis, putting him in the company of Champ Bailey and Darrelle Revis.

He complimented offensive lineman Marcus Cannon’s progress, but saved his most expansive answers when asked about in-game adjustments made by the coaching staff.

“I rely a lot on those guys,” Belichick said, referring to his assistant coaches. “I basically talk to those guys at the end of every series. I talk to Scott [O’Brien] in the kicking game, maybe not after every play, but after a series of plays, our kickoff coverage, our punt protection, whatever it is. At the end of a series I usually talk to Billy [O’Brien] and Matt [Patricia] or other coaches, maybe Dante [Scarnecchia] or somebody else about the series that happened. We’ll talk about what we need to do, or what they’re doing and what we need to do about that.


“We talk about that on the headset, too, I mean, it’s hard on the headset, because if we’re on offense, we’re calling plays, we’re substituting people, you know, that’s not reallly the time to have a philosophical conversation. But when you come off the field, after we’ve scored or we’ve punted or whatever the situation is, OK, next time we get out there, do we want to go no-huddle, what do we want to try to do the next series, or what are we going to do the next time they give us a certain look, or what are we going to do the next third-and-medium, third-and-long, second-and-long, if there’s a particular situation that we’re not doing well in, then what do we do the next time it comes up.

“Same thing defensively. What are we going to do when they put three receivers in the game, certain formations, how the game is going, we’ll talk about all that.”

Good stuff.

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