Brady cites halftime “commitment”

By Scott Thurston, Globe Staff

Asked how his team could make such a quick switch from its poor play in the first half, Tom Brady said the Patriots “made a pretty big commitment at halftime to each other to go out and everyone do their job and quit worrying about everybody else and go out and play better, and we did that.”

On the shuffling along the offensive line: “They’re tough. They’re well coached. They have a lot of pride. Anytime you have those qualities as players and as a group you learn to fight through adversity, Hopefully we get some guys back next week. We showed some resiliency, some mental toughness again and we pulled out a tough game.”


On the importance of the Wilfork fumble recovery: “Huge. We didn’t turn it over today. I thought that was important. We got turnovers. Really, the last seven games it’s been a huge key for us. It’s hard to win games when you turn it over. We were the benefactor of some good plays by our defense that I thought the offense capitalized [on] when we got those plays,when we got short fields and we did a good job getting the ball in the end zone.”

On the use of the no huddle: “It’s been a good weapon for us. I think we used it down there. We use it, it seems, like every game. We tried it in the first half [and] it didn’t work very well, but based on our personnel we thought maybe we should just stick with it and we certainly executed a lot better.”

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