Belichick takes Brady questions

FOXBOROUGH — Asked at the beginning and the end of today’s press conference about Tom Brady, the injury to his left shoulder, his appearance on this week’s injury report, and whether he’s concerned about the health of his star quarterback, Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t offer much.

Question: Do you anticipate Tom being able to practice today?
Belichick: We’ll list his status at the end of practice.

Question: What was able to do yesterday?
Belichick: Play quarterback.

Question: So he did practice?
Belichick: It was the way we listed him.

Question: He wasn’t injured then during the week? Because he was listed as non injury on Wednesday, then Thursday —
Belichick: I think we covered that, right? Didn’t we cover that?


Question: So it was a planned day off, it wasn’t that he was hurt?
Belichick: I think we covered that.

After about 10 minutes of non-Brady questions, Belichick was asked again about No. 12.

Question: What’s your level of concern with the new injury to Brady and that he’ll be able to perform at the level that he’s accustomed to?
Belichick: Look, any player that we put out on the field we have confidence in. If they’re out there, we have confidence in them. … We’re not going to put anybody out there on the field that we don’t have confidence in.

Question: So you have confidence in Tom?
Belichick: If he’s not out there on the field, it won’t be because we don’t have confidence in him. Whatever it is [related to injury], we’ll list it as accurately as we can based on the information that we have. We always do. Sometimes that information changes. Obviously, we do the best that we can with the information that we have. Like we always do.

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