Bill Belichick: ‘You worry about everything with Denver’

FOXBOROUGH — The Denver Broncos aren’t going to be taken lightly by Patriots coach Bill Belichick this week.

Belichick today said the Broncos multi-attack offense was something to worry about and he was concerned about all the different elements Denver will bring to the table at Gillette Stadium Saturday night.

“It’s a little different game than most of the time what you play in this league,” Belichick said. “As a defensive back you’re expecting passes on every play, then when you don’t get it, you don’t get it. But here it’s run force, option responsibilities and then play action, or double moves, and things like that so every time you come out of the huddle, again the secondary’s primarily responsibility is always pass, but in addition to that they’ve got a lot of run force responsibilities in this game and option and those kind of things. It definitely puts pressure on from that standpoint, there’s a lot more things to think about for a defensive back and instead of going into the game where you’re expecting every play is going to be a pass, you’ve got to be ready for that on every play, but the reality of it is every play isn’t a pass and there’s a lot of outside runs, there’s a lot of option plays, there’s a lot of plays the secondary forces, is critical on, so it really attacks the entire defense. They do a good job of working sideline to sideline and goal line to end zone.”


On the other side of the ball, Belichick doesn’t believe the Broncos defense will show the same looks they did in Denver in December.

“They’ve added some things to their sub-defense, their nickel, dime package last week,” Belichick said. “[Linebacker Von] Miller looks like he’s playing, he’s still got that thing on his hand, but I think it’s less restrictive. Offensively they continue to use multiple players. They get production out of all their backs, McGahee’s missed some time against us but other guys stepped in and were productive.”

Belichick was asked if he was concerned about getting beat by deep ball, and the Steelers did in overtime last weekend.

“You have to worry about everything with Denver’s offense,” Belichick said. “You have to worry about the running game, the passing game, the backs, the receivers, the quarterback, the offensive line, they’re a well-balanced unit. They get production from everybody and everybody’s got to take care of their job. If you just load up on one thing then, you pay the price somewhere else. Got to be able to handle all the elements of the offense and they’re going to test you on all of them…


“I’m concerned about all of it.”

Belichick said the New England offense can expect the unexpected from the Broncos pass rush.

“They move Von [Miller] around, they move [Elvis] Dumervil around some like we caught on our right side there on the sack [against the Patriots in Denver] that he had,” Belichick said. “It’s not 100 percent. Most of the time we have an idea where they’re going to be but they do change it up. Last week they used a lot more odd look with their dime package against Pittsburgh so I’m sure that they’ll have a couple of new wrinkles for us as they always do. We’ll have to be able to handle those within the game as well as all the other things that they’ve shown.”

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