Patriots games, fan chat, photos, and more

We have a fun day planned for Pats fans today, involving a football squares game with a fantastic prize, a fan chat, game preview videos, in-game analysis, action photos, a meter to measure how you’re feeling about the team, polls, trivia questions … you name it.

Here’s what’s going on:

First the squares game: We’re running an online Football Squares game that’s good for today’s Patriots-Broncos tilt, next week’s AFC Championship, and the Super Bowl. It’s free. All you have to do is choose one square, then sit back and track how you do at the end of every quarter of each of the three games.
If you have the correct numbers at the end of a quarter, you’ll win a pen and get one entry in the Grand Prize drawing for a five-day ski trip for four to Quebec. If you win the final score, you get two entries in the drawing (but still just one pen. They’re extremely valuable). There will be no more than 750 names in that drawing — and lots of people will be in twice — so your odds are really good.
Remember, just one square per person.
We have 50 grids ready for you to play, so check it out here: Football Squares game


Virtual Tailgate Party: Next up is a fan experience we designed for you while you’re watching the game. About 45 minutes before the game starts, we’ll fire up a Virtual Tailgate Party.
No more boredom during timeouts and commercials. It’s everything you need, all in one place.
Here’s what we’ve got:
> Our Obnoxious Boston Fan blogger will run his usual fan conversation, where people discuss the game, lament bad plays, and post for joy when the Pats score. He’ll also pop up in a video chat at the beginning and near the end of the game.
> Speaking of video chats, sports columnist Chris Gasper will join the chat via Webcam from Gillette Stadium at halftime to answer your questions.
> The Globe’s Patriots beat writer, Greg Bedard, will blog during the game, providing insight, analysis, context, and background.
> You’ll also see tweets, pulled in automatically, from Globe and football writers such as Shalise Manza Young, as well as writers for other local and Denver news outlets.
> Over in the right column of the page, look for pre-game videos of predictions, features, and discussions of the game by Globe and writers to keep you occupied before kickoff, or for you to consult during the game.
> During the game, we’ll post photos of game action from the Globe and other news outlets. We’ll also pop in poll questions.
> Also look for our Pulse meter, which will gauge how you’re feeling about the team as the game progresses. Don’t be hatin’ on anybody!
So bookmark this link – it won’t be live until later – and at about 7:15 p.m., join us here:
Later, let us know what you think by dropping an email to Thanks, and go Pats!

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