Denver mayor makes good on bet


Denver mayor Michael Hancock paid up on his Broncos-Patriots bet with Boston mayor Thomas M. Menino yesterday.

Hancock wore a Patriots jersey with Tom Brady’s name and number on it to the Jazz-Nuggets game in Denver because the Broncos lost to the Patriots 45-10 Saturday night.

The friendly bet escalated from a common practice among top elected officials to a minor civic incident when Menino dissed Colorado by disparaging the state’s beer quality. Originally, Menino wanted to include beer in the bet, and he was trying to brag about Boston beer, but Coloradans were quick to defend the state’s brews.


“As a stalwart Broncos fan, it was certainly not easy to put on that jersey, but it was well worth the wager to support such an outstanding season,” Hancock said, according to a story on a Denver Post blog. “The City of Denver was proud to come together to support our team. The Broncos gave us an exciting season and a dramatic playoff victory, and we can’t wait for next season.”

Had the Patriots lost, Menino said the city’s Paul Revere statue would be adorned with a jersey of Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

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