A few final Patriots postgame comments

. . . because who wants to stop talking about this game, right?

On making it to the Super Bowl for the first time:

“I got my first playoff win this year and I have my first AFC Championship win. Just seeing guys like Rodney [Harrison] and Drew [Bledsoe] come back — guys like that — and being able to continue on with the legacy of winning. Hopefully we can get one more. It’s huge for me.”

On the Patriots’ mindset offensively:

“Just staying on track. Not trying to reinvent the wheel, not trying to do anything more than we had to. I think we just go out there and play with confidence and do the things that we do. We always put ourselves in good positions and stay[ed] in rhythm. They threw a lot at us but we’ve got a lot of weapons that people have to defend and they got to respect and honor them, so as long as those guys go out there and make those plays, obviously it does the world for us, especially up front. Those guys getting open [and Tom Brady] finding them makes our lives a hell of a lot easier.”


On Tom Brady’s quarterback sneak for a touchdown in which he went over the top of the pile:

“We keep telling him to stop doing that stuff but he doesn’t listen to us very well. Look, if he sees something like that he just goes for it. It was a heck of a play. We’ve been stuffed two times in a row and obviously needed that one to come through. We struggled in the red zone to a degree and it was just him making a play and he does that quite often.”

On going back to the Super Bowl:

“That’s why I came back to this place. That’s why I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of something like this. It’s very special.”

On Tom Brady saying he didn’t play well:

“Tom’s an upfront guy, straightforward. Trust me, everyone made a lot of mistakes on the field today except for our defense. Defense and special teams did a great job. As far as offense, we didn’t put our best outing on the football field tonight and I promise you the next time we step on the field it won’t be the same thing. I promise you that.”


On Sterling Moore’s game-saving breakup of a pass Lee Evans had in his hands in the end zone:

“I didn’t see it. I turned my back on the last 10-15 plays. I couldn’t watch it because I felt like all the work that we put in, I felt like it’s the last thing we want to let it come down to, to put our defense in the position that we did. We’ve been working so hard all year long and for us, as an offensive member, for us to put our defense on the field and put their backs against the wall like that I felt bad. I couldn’t even watch it.”

On making it to the Super Bowl:

“I dreamed of this game a few days ago and I had this experience. I thought the SEC Championship was big, but this is amazing. I just want to take it all in while I can and get ready for whoever we have to face in two weeks.”

On dedicating the season to Myra Kraft:

“We are playing the season for her and now we just won the AFC Championship. She was an amazing woman and it’s great being part of the Patriots.”

On making it to the first Super Bowl of his long career:

“I’m overjoyed. This is an unbelievable deal. This is probably the most excited I have been in a long time, since the birth of my children probably. God knows this has been unbelievable and I have been truly blessed. I appreciate my teammates and these guys welcomed me here and just gave me an opportunity to do something special.”


On the Gillette Stadium crowd:

“It was good to get them going. It was loud in there at times, especially on those last couple drives. We need that 12th man. This was the last home game of the season, so I hope they blew out all their lungs and their vocal boxes and everything.”

On growing up in Massachusetts and following the Patriots:

“I thought I never would have the opportunity to be a part of it, I mean you grow up watching the Ty Law three interceptions against Indy in the AFC Championship game, you see Rodney Harrison making big plays in Super Bowls and you grow up seeing that and you never think you would have a day to be a part of it. Now this team is writing our own script in the history book and it’s amazing to be a part of it and I am honored and privileged.”

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