Ravens’ Pollard: ‘I hope Giants put a thrashing on the Patriots’

File this under the Dept. of Sour Grapes:

Baltimore safety Bernard Pollard was on Houston radio station KILT on Monday, and planted himself firmly on the side of the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, giving little credit to the Patriots, who knocked him team out of the playoffs on Sunday in the AFC Championship game.

Asked for his opinion of Super Bowl XLVI and what he’d like to see happen, Pollard said, “My opinion – I really hope the Giants, I just hope they just put a thrashing on the Patriots. I really do. To lose to a team like that the way we played…we played a good game.


“You gotta look at the experience of the team. You gotta look at what do the Giants have? They got a front four that is relentless. They got a secondary that is really, really good. They got a linebacking corps that has been with them. The dinking and the dunking man? It’s just not going to happen. They are going to have to take shots down the field. I think the Giants watch our film and watch the film of the season. They gotta take away their big time players. [Rob] Gronkowski I think he is coming off that ankle, so I don’t know if he will be 100 percent.”

Pollard was asked about his being the “Patriot Killer” as the man who put the hit on Tom Brady that tore his ACL and MCL in 2008, was the nearest defender when Wes Welker suffered the same injury in 2009, and now caused the sprained ankle of Rob Gronkowski.

“Oh man that is fine and dandy,” he said of the nickname. “Like I said to a lot of people it is part of the game and this is what happens. If you don’t like it? So what. I am going to go out there and I am going to play me.”


Also from Pollard’s interview, he was asked about the deep ball Tom Brady threw for Matthew Slater in the end zone, which Pollard tipped to teammate Jimmy Smith for an interception – the play that Brady said kept him up Sunday night after the game:

“Well (laughs), to be honest, me and Jimmy, we talked before the play even started and the Slater receiver we were like, well we haven’t seen him all game and all of a sudden they were at the 50-yard line, we knew they had to take a shot [downfield at some point], ?so as soon as they hiked the ball I took off running and Jimmy tried to trail the guy and I went up to get the pick, I tried to get it with my left hand, my left arm wouldn’t come up for some reason, so I saw Jimmy trailing the guy…I tried to tip the ball to get the ball away from the guy and Jimmy did a great job of hustling and getting the ball and giving our offense pretty good field position. Jimmy did a great job of doing what he was supposed to do.”

And Pollard’s thoughts when he saw kicker Billy Cundiff miss the 32-yard field goal that would have sent the game to overtime:

“From the get-go it was left, and from that point on, we knew. We knew from then on it was over. I believe our team knew that if this thing got to overtime, we were going to the Super Bowl. I think we played a really good game. We had some things where we made some mistakes or whatever, but just for the most part, dinking and dunk wasn’t going to win in the last 22 seconds…Like I said, it’s over.”


You can hear Pollard’s interview by clicking here.

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