Catching up with David Tyree


INDIANAPOLIS — With a Super Bowl rematch between the Patriots and Giants, it was only a matter of time before we heard from Mr. Helmet Catch himself, David Tyree, one of biggest villains in New England sports history.

Tyree’s miraculous headgear grab paved the way for the Giants to upset the Patriots, 17-14, in Super Bowl XLII, four years ago. His cursed catch prevented the Patriots from lifting a fourth Lombardi Trophy and ruined a perfect season. Tyree, who never played another regular season or playoff game for the Giants after that one, is well aware of his painful place in local sports lore.


“I understand the bitter nature of it. I understand how passionate New England fans are about their sports, but at the same time I was happy to be the guy to win it for my hometown team,” he said. “There got to be winners. There got to be spoilers. That was a moment that I don’t try to take credit for. I know that was God really showing me favor. That’s not going to happen again, at least not in that same fashion. I’m just honored to be a part of sports history.”

Tyree said he took a picture with some Patriots fans who were in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI. He said he has nothing but love for Patriots fans, but he’s not apologetic about his heartbreaking play.

“Y’all got enough championships to lord over for centuries, but I understand what it feels like to get that next one,” he said. “We’ll see. New York and New England are going to duel it out one more time.”

Not surprisingly Tyree, who last played in the NFL in 2009 as part of the Ravens team that pounded the Patriots at home in the playoffs, is going with the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI.


“I’m all in Big Blue. I’ve been enjoying the wave of it all,” Tyree said. “There have definitely been tremendous parallels from ’07 to what they present in the 2011 team. I think the big difference-maker is that Eli Manning is now an elite quarterback. That’s puts them in a different position offensively, and the defense is just as dangerous.”

What? You expected him to pick the Patriots?

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