NFL Sound FX offers deeper look at Super Bowl

As an observer of Super Bowl XLVI, all 111.3 million viewers out there, you might have wondered how the players on the field thought Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s ankle was perceived from a competitive standpoint Sunday. On the NFL Network’s replay of the game that debuted Wednesday night, Sound FX provided the answer insiders were looking for.

“Hey, 87 is a [expletive] decoy,” Giants linebacker Michael Boley can be heard saying on the sideline in the second half of the Super Bowl. “He [sic] a decoy. You see him try and run that route? He about to be outta here.”


The game’s replay offered several gems, including reaction from Tom Brady’s safety, some Vince Wilfork banter with NFL umpire Carl Paganelli, and coach Bill Belichick telling his defense to focus on Giants receivers Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.

On the latter, Belichick said in the fourth quarter: “This is still a Cruz and Nicks game. I mean, I know we’re right on ’em, it’s tight. But those are still the guys. Make ’em go to [Mario] Manningham, make ’em go to [Bear] Pascoe.”

On the Giants’ first possession after Belichick’s speech, Eli Manning hit Mario Manningham for a 38-yard reception that led to the game-winning touchdown.

Brady, who was miked up during the game, found himself trying to explain away his first quarter intentional grounding on the sideline after the play resulted in a safety.

“I looked at Gronk, I looked to Wes [Welker], he dropped, then I felt [Justin Tuck],” Brady said to his teammates and coaches. “I had no place to throw it away. I threw it over his head, I didn’t want to throw an interception.”

After one of Brady’s passes was deflected in the first quarter, he said “it’s like throwing it in a forest.”


In the second quarter, Giants guard Kevin Boothe was flagged for holding Wilfork. The referees struggled with the call before ultimately asking Wilfork his thoughts about it.

“Did that guy hold you and then spin you to the ground? Or did you flop,” asked Paganelli.

Wilfork: “No, that was a bad call.”

Paganelli: “That was a bad call on me?”

Wilfork: “Yup.”

Paganelli: “Why didn’t you tell me that before I threw it?”

Wilfork: “Because, as much as you guys miss, I deserve one. I’ll let you know when you miss one too now.”

Paganelli: “I’m sure you will.”

Brady gave some love to receiver Chad Ochocinco after his 21-yard reception to start the third quarter. The Patriots scored on a 12-yard touchdown pass to Aaron Hernandez seven plays later.

“Way to get us started. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s why we got you.”

With 9:24 left in the fourth quarter, and the Patriots getting ready to start their first drive of the quarter, Brady was trying to get his teammates revved up for a win.

“Hey, how about a seven minute drive for a touchdown, huh? And end this on our terms.”

Patriots backup running back Shane Vereen, who was inactive for the game, can be seen on the sideline saying “this could be the game.”

After Welker’s drop on on the drive, one referee could be heard saying “oh, that was the game.”

On the Giants’ last drive, before Ahmad Bradshaw’s eventual game-winning touchdown, the Patriots in the defensive huddle called out to let the Giants score.

“We gotta let ’em score, we gotta let ’em score, we gotta let ’em score,” Jerod Mayo can be heard saying.

Said Wilfork to his defensive linemates: “Yo, yo, yo, let ’em score.”

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