Arrington trying not to look back

Kyle Arrington has already returned back to his native Maryland to start his offseason – and help his fiancee put the finishing touches on their March 17 wedding – but he is back in Massachusetts today to help raise money for the family of fallen Peabody firefighter James Rice.

Almost a week removed from Super Bowl XLVI, Arrington said he hasn’t “been thinking about it; you can’t think about the past.”

He did admit, however, that he replayed the Patriots’ loss to the Giants over in his head last Sunday and Monday, thinking about what he could have done better in the game.


After finishing the regular season tied with two other players for the league lead in interceptions with 7, Arrington wishes “I could have had one when it mattered…We had opportunities. We’ll have a good shot next year.”

The Hofstra product did not take solace in his team advancing to the last game of the season – even though it seemed like that might be a longshot midway through the year.

“That’s our goal every year. It’s always one step at a time: win our division, get a spot in the playoffs. Anything short of not winning it all – I won’t say it wasn’t a successful season, but our goal wasn’t reached. It wasn’t attained.”

Arrington is under contract with New England for the coming season.

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