Carter’s agent says veteran ahead of schedule with rehab

Earlier today, Carl Poston, the agent for soon-to-be free agent Andre Carter, talked about Carter’s recovery from a torn left quadriceps and the possibility of the defensive end returning to the Patriots for a second season.

Poston said Carter “absolutely – no doubt about it” wants to play again in 2012. In his first season with the Pats, the 11-year vet registered 52 tackles and 10 sacks in 14-plus games before suffering his season-ending injury in the first half in Denver.

“He’s in good shape. He’s in good shape,” Poston said. “He’s ahead on his rehab; that’s not the kind of injury – it’s not like a lower back or a knee, (where) he’s not going to be able to come back. He’ll come back 100 percent, matter of fact, he might come back stronger.”


Poston confirmed that Carter, who was previously with the Redskins and 49ers, enjoyed his time with the Patriots.

“It’s a quality organization, it’s a quality team, every player wants to win the Super Bowl ring, every player wants to go to the Pro Bowl if they can, this was his opportunity to do it and he did well,” Poston said. “And there’s no reason (not) to try to do it again.
We’ve just got to cross the ‘Ts’ and dot the ‘Is’ and we can come to an agreement on something and hope its agreeable to both sides and go from there.”

So has he been talking contract with New England?

“Not really. We’re just monitoring and tracking the injury and when it’s time to talk they’re going to let me know,” Poston said. “I just called them to see what their plans were, whether they were interested, and I would have been surprised if they said they weren’t interested and obviously they said they were interested but it’s a little premature, a little early, and I understood that. I just, in terms of being professional and doing my job, I just want to call them and see where we stood.”

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