Draft order set – by coin flips

This was touched on last week, but the final draft order for this year was not set until this morning, via two coin flips.

Two sets of teams – the Panthers and Dolphins, and the Chiefs and Seahawks – each finished 2011 with matching win-loss records, matching strength of schedule, and matching opponent won-loss record, leaving the coin flips as the only way to determine which team chose before the other in the first round.

The Dolphins won their toss with Carolina, and will now pick 8th, with the Panthers choosing 9th. Kansas City won its toss and will pick 11th, with Seattle’s turn now at 12.


So here is the complete first-round order:

1. Indianapolis
2. St. Louis
3. Minnesota
4. Cleveland
5. Tampa Bay
6. Washington
7. Jacksonville
8. Miami
9. Carolina
10. Buffalo
11. Kansas City
12. Seattle
13. Arizona
14. Dallas
15. Philadelphia
16. New York Jets
17. Cincinnati (from Oakland)
18. San Diego
19. Chicago
20. Tennessee
21. Cincinnati
22. Cleveland (from Atlanta)
23. Detroit
24. Pittsburgh
25. Denver
26. Houston
27. New England (from New Orleans)
28. Green Bay
29. Baltimore
30. San Francisco
31. New England
32. New York Giants

Adding to the confusion, Miami/Carolina and Kansas City/Seattle will switch picks back and forth by rounds, meaning that Miami will pick the spot before Carolina in the first, third, fifth and seventh rounds, and Carolina will go first in the second, fourth and sixth rounds. The same holds true for the Chiefs (first, third, fifth, seventh rounds) and Seahawks (second, fourth, sixth rounds).

Compensatory picks will be awarded during the annual NFL meetings late next month.

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