Salary cap, franchise tag amounts for 2012 now set

Free agency opens on Tuesday at 4 p.m., and NFL teams were just given the final salary cap for the 2012 season: $120.6 million.

That number is essentially the same as last year, when the cap was $120.375 million, but it was not expected that there would be much of a change.

The cap is expected to make a big jump in two years, the when league does new television deals with a couple of its broadcast partners; the cap is tied to television revenue. has also reported the final franchise-tag numbers for each position; receiver Wes Welker, of course, was designated as the Patriots’ franchise player for ’12, and if he plays under the tag, he’ll make $9.515 million for the season.

Quarterback: $14.436 million
Running back: $7.742 million
Wide receiver: $9.515 million
Tight end: $5.446 million
Offensive line: $9.383 million
Defensive end: $10.605 million
Defensive tackle: $7.96 million
Linebacker: $8.856 million
Cornerback: $10.281 million
Safety: $6.212 million
Kicker/Punter: $2.654 million


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