Report: Ochocinco restructures contract

Given that the marriage of receiver Chad Ochocinco and the Patriots’ offense didn’t work out as planned last year, it seemed a given that one of two things would happen for 2012: the veteran would return, but at a reduced salary; or he would be cut.

It seems the former has taken place for now.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Ochocinco has agreed to restructure his deal and now has a $1 million base salary for the coming season. It was to be a $3 million base.

NFLPA records do not yet indicate the change.

This is a smart move for Ochocinco, who earned $6 million in salary and bonuses from New England in 2011 – and in return gave the team just 15 regular-season catches in 15 games, adding one more reception in the Super Bowl.


It shows he’s committed to making things work with the Patriots, at least financially, and is an acknowledgment from both he and the team that the expected results last year weren’t there.

The Patriots received Ochocinco at the start of training camp last year via a trade with Cincinnati for two late-round picks, a fifth-rounder this year and sixth in 2013.

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