Wes Welker stars in Depend commercials

Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker is starring in a series of commercials for Depend Real Fit for Men protection briefs to bring awareness to prostate cancer and raise funds for the Jimmy V Foundation for cancer research.

In the first spot embedded above, the reporter in the commercial says he’s been going across America trying to get people to try on the new Depend Real Fit protective briefs for charity. He catches up with Welker, along with the Packers’ Clay Matthews and the Cowboys’ DeMarcus Ware.

The players are asked to wear the briefs for charity. “For charity, let’s do it,” Welker says.


After a brief workout, Welker says of the undergarment’s fit, “Yeah, it was almost like silk.”

Welker goes on to make a catch on the field at the end of the commercial.

In the second spot embedded below, Welker talks more about the cause being supported by the Depend spots.

“I don’t think people realize one in six American men are affected by prostate cancer,” Welker says. “I actually have a friend who has prostate cancer and Depend has really stepped up and really gone after that challenge.”

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