Resetting the roster and depth chart

It appears that, for the moment, the Patriots are taking a break from roster transactions. So let’s reset the roster, and also look at the depth chart from my perspective.

Here’s the chart, with re-signings in orange and new additions in green. You will probably need to click on the image to read everything.

Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 1.17.34 PM.png

Some notes and observations:

  • Yes, I realize that I have 12 positions on each side of the ball. That’s what I see as far as positions with the Patriots – distinctive skill sets for each, but the personnel groupings are mixed and matched depending on the opponent and the injury situation at the moment.
  • I realize the Patriots don’t have free and strong safety. But they usually have one who’s better in space and another who is better at covering/run support. Hence, the designations.
  • The defensive front … that’s my own personal opinion of how the Patriots would like to play, and played the majority of last season.
  • I have the Patriots with 71 total players (including the three specialists). They’re a little offense heavy but that will be righted by a few moves and the draft.
  • I see three or four possible free agent additions coming: DE Andre Carter, when he’s healthy; a veteran running back; a solid run DE/DT (Luis Castillo?); and a safety. The Patriots could just wait for the draft for the latter two spots. Or at least see where they are after the draft and then fill in with what’s on the market.
  • The Patriots don’t have a lot of depth chart holes. The most glaring, to me: veteran RB; blocking TE (they drafted Lee Smith last year and lost him to the Bills); elephant or open end as Bill Belichick BFF Nick Saban terms it (will be filled by Carter unless someone overwhelms him with an offer); and another safety for competition.
  • Carter would be the starting elephant end, which would allow Trevor Scott to be a versatile matchup-type player.

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