Taking a stab at the defensive depth chart

FOXBOROUGH – While we’re waiting for the Patriots to get a jump on undrafted free agency with three selections left to finish the draft, let’s take a look at how I see the depth chart shaping up after the top three draft picks.

The draft picks are in caps. Obviously players can backup or play multiple positions, but for this exercise I just put them in one spot.

Screen Shot 2012-04-28 at 4.29.28 PM.png

A few notes:

– Bequette and Scott could easily swap spots. I just took a guess. Both have similar athletic abilities.

– Hightower could play/backup at any of the linebacker spots.


– I really like Deaderick playing inside. He’s a good football player. He kind of had to play out of position with the struggles of Shaun Ellis.

– I still see the team signing Andre Carter back to start at Elephant, provided he’s healthy and doesn’t get a big offer elsewhere. Bill Belichick, at least for camp, likes to have a veteran show the way. Carter would be perfect. If somebody else plays better, so be it and he can be expendable.

– I’ll post a subpackage depth chart when I get a second, considering they play in that most of the time.

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