Light reiterates: Zero percent chance of a return

Matt Light did the Tour de Bristol on Monday, stopping by numerous radio and television programs on the ESPN campus.

During “NFL Live,” he played a game of “Patriots Percentages” and was asked a variety of questions pertaining to his now-former team.

Here are the questions Light was asked, along with his answers:

Percentage chance Tom Brady plays for 10 more years…
One hundred percent. If you said 20 years, I’d probably give you 100 percent. I mean, they’re going to have to cart him off. … He could be playing to 55, maybe even 60.

Percentage chance Bill Belichick wins another Super Bowl…
We’ll go 50-50. The one thing that you hear from a lot of guys that come in from other organizations is that ‘I just wanted to come here because I just want a shot at winning.’ I think they bank on the fact that because of the system and the dedication of the coaching staff, the owner and everything else, they’re going to have that opportunity. So, each year 50-50.


Percentage chance of Wes Welker signing a long-term deal before the season starts …
Can we say zero on that? That’s a tough one. Let’s go with five percent.

Percentage of caveman in tight end Rob Gronkowski…
A solid 87. It’s a good caveman.

Percentage chance of Light returning to the football field…
Zero percent. Not in a bad way but when you close the door, it’s always good to keep walking.

Earlier in the day, Light revealed that he’d undergone 14 surgeries in his career, and he also talked about Brady trying to talk him out of retiring:

“It was interesting. For a guy like him, he’s not going to ever walk away,” Light said. “He doesn’t see anything but the next phase in his career and how he can get himself better and all that. I was like that for a long time too, but really the conversation between he and I, it was basically to say, ‘hey man, I’d love to keep you. What can I do to get you to come back? But at the end of the day, if you are comfortable in your decision, I’m with you buddy.’ … He offered up candy and things that would tempt a fat man like myself but ultimately I think he’s cool with letting me go, and they have good guys to fill my shoes.”

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