Welker update

Figured I’d pass along a little bit of an update related to the New York Post report that Patriots receiver Wes Welker was involved in some sort of disturbance in Aspen, Colo. this weekend.

Aspen police did respond to a call at Above The Salt that night. At this time, there is no record that the police had contact with Welker.

There was a “lecture and release.” Those are common when there are large events in Aspen, and are used when individuals are cooperative and not causing immediate risk to those around them (which would seem to run counter to the characterization of the incident by the Post). It is at the officer’s discretion.


UPDATE: An Aspen police spokesman was able to speak to the officers involved. Their statement:

During this very brief contact officers did not acquire the names of individuals involved, no individuals’ names were run through our system, and no subsequent action was taken. They observed a situation while on foot patrol that had potential to escalate if not dealt with. The parties involved in this interaction were cooperative and the situation was deescalated quickly, hence the lecture and release versus more serious disciplinary measures.

While police won’t officially say that Welker was involved, the officers emphasized that the male was cooperative.

Welker’s camp won’t even comment on the report because they think it’s ridiculous and a completely overblown characterization of what transpired.

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