Visanthe Shiancoe may be sticking around

The details on the one-year contract signed by tight end Visanthe Shiancoe are in, and they’re a little bit surprising in that they make it more likely that he’ll make the final roster.

According to a league source with access to the contract, Shiancoe’s deal is for $1.2 million in base salary, of which $400,000 is guaranteed. There is another $800,000 available in play-time bonuses, starting with 45 percent of the snaps.

The $400,000 guaranteed is the key figure. That doesn’t necessarily lock him into a spot — the Patriots, who had precisely $10,873,988 left in cap room before this deal, certainly have room to absorb that minuscule hit — but it certainly increases Shiancoe’s chances.


You can also understand now why the Eagles dropped out. They probably balked at the guarantee and much above the veteran minimum of $825,000.

Shiancoe’s contract is an indication that Daniel Fells, who is on active PUP with what is believed to be a shoulder injury, may not be ready to go when the season starts. Or it at least gives the Patriots some security in case Fells needs more time.

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