Quick comments from Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick just wrapped up his first press conference of training camp 2012, before heading out to the fields behind Gillette Stadium for his team’s first practice.

Here are some excerpts from his chat:

— Opening statement:

“Welcome to training camp. We’re excited to get started. We’ve had some guys here for as much as a week, other guys since Monday…We have a long way to go, (we’ll take it) one meeting, one day at a time. We have a few players who are in various stages of rehabilitation, so we’ll take those day by day. We’ve had a little bit of roster movement; we don’t have a full roster, if we can find right guy to add to roster we’ll do that, but right now we’re a couple players under the limit. We’ll get out there and get started today, and see where we’re at.


— Update on Brian Waters:

“He’s not here. Basically the same as it was in mini-camp. [In mini-camp Waters was excused for personal reasons.]”

— Do you expect him here before start of regular season?

“We’ll take it day to day.”

— Is it a surprise he’s not here?


— Were you disappointed you were not able to reach a deal with Wes Welker?

“Well, we go through that situation with every player. Some we reach agreement with, some we don’t.”

— Why sign Visanthe Shiancoe?

“We’ll have to see how it all plays out. I think Shanks is a good football player, he’s been a productive football player in two other spots…We’ll see how it all plays out.”

— On cutting Joseph Addai:

“Didn’t work out.”

— Are you OK with numbers at running back for now?

“We have seven backs on our roster. If we add one, then we add one. If we don’t, we’ll go with what we’ve got.”

— Will you reach out to Kevin Faulk?

“Can’t comment on any player that’s not on our roster right now.”

— On Rob Gronkowski’s physical status after offseason ankle surgery:

“I think he’s alright.”


— Did you have an issue with all the things he did this offseason?

“I talk to players individually and collectively about a lot of things all the time. Those conversations I’ll keep between myself and the player.”

–What do you have planned for today?

“Try to get off to a good start. Its training camp so it’s all about fundamentals, the little things…We’ve got a lot of challenges ahead of us, a lot of things we need to cover and we’ll take them on as hopefully we’re ready for them.”

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