Tom Brady: Competition is good for the team


FOXBOROUGH — The Patriots have 10 wide receivers on their roster. That’s not even counting Aaron Hernandez, who lined up as wideout more times last season than as a tight end. With all the competition on the team for what is likely to be six or seven spots, the veteran quarterback realizes that some of his friends will not make this team.


He’s OK with that.

“I think competition is good for all of us,” Brady said. “I don’t think it’s any one has earned a spot. You got to earn it every year. I think the one thing about this place is there’s no entitlement to the positions out here. You do it based on what you earn. That’s why you come out here every day working hard to develop that trust from your coaches and your teammates so that they want you out there. Part of being a team player is doing what’s best for the team. If someone is better than you, than it’s better for the team for them to play.

“The more good football players on your team, the better you’re going to be,” Brady continued. “We’ve got some depth at the receiver position. I don’t know how it’s going to sort out. But based on what we do out here on the field, that’s everybody’s opportunities. The quarterback, running back, receiver, tight end — we’ve got a lot of competition at a lot of positions.”

Brady, in speaking with the media for the first time during training camp, also touched on his so-called “cliff diving” pictures briefly.


“It was a fun jump, I’ll tell you that.”

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