Brandon Lloyd: ‘It takes time’



Brandon Lloyd and Tom Brady’s relationship is the early stages.

FOXBOROUGH – From OTAs to minicamp, the rapport between Brandon Lloyd and Tom Brady has been a good one. They’ve hooked up for plays in the first three days of training camp, including one today where Lloyd grabbed a ball off Sterling Moore’s helmet to make the catch, but Lloyd isn’t getting ahead of himself by any means.

The unspoken chemistry between quarterback and wide receiver is an ongoing process, and right now, Lloyd said, it’s “way too early.”

“It just takes time,” he said. “We’re continuing to talk and work together and seeing what one another is expecting out of the route running and eventually it will start clicking.”


He said Brady’s a great communicator on the field (“that’s what makes him such a great leader”) but when it comes to their dynamic being a back-and-forth dialogue, he said they’re both trying to carry out instructions.

“There’s no give and take,” Lloyd said. “It’s what we’re coached to do, and we all go out and execute.”

While they’re building a relationship in camp, Lloyd said he knows that the real steps will be made once they start playing games.

“It just happens,” he said. “Most of the time that kind of stuff happens when we’re in the game and everybody’s just on the same level. You can talk and you can discuss and practice a lot of stuff, but you really figure things out in the game-time situations.”

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