Saints’ tackle says Jones has ‘promising future’

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how Chandler Jones has been performing in Patriots camp, but Nate Solder, who goes against the rookie every day, wasn’t going to talk about him when asked recently.

Saints’ left tackle Jermon Bushrod, however, was lined up against the Pats’ first-round pick a few times this afternoon and spoke highly of Jones.

“He definitely looks the part, man. When you see him, he’s a tall guy who’s got long arms, long legs,” Bushrod said. “Going up against him he has good power, obviously he has the speed to get around the edge, just a very shifty player, I think he’s going to have a very promising future in this league.”


Bushrod is also happy for his former New Orleans teammate Rob Ninokovich, whom he also used to practice against when Ninkovich was with the Saints.

“I know what Ninkovich brings to the table, he’s a hard-nosed, high-energy guy, and he’ll bring it play in and play out. He’s had a great career here in New England for the last three or four years, so he’s been doing a good job and I’m very proud of him,” Bushrod said. “It’s good to see him a couple times in the offseason every now and then, and I’m glad he’s out here doing his thing.”

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