Brees admires Brady from afar


FOXBOROUGH — In the two days that the Patriots and Saints have spent together, Tom Brady and Drew Brees have more or less been the center of the universe. They’ve taken turns shredding each other’s secondary in passing drills. They’ve conferenced informally with their mutual friend and throwing coach Tom House. They’ve relaxed after practice, sprawling out in the grass playing with Brady’s wife, kids, and dog.

A surplus of mutual respect that’s been passed back and forth between the two teams this week, and it’s just as abundant between the two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks, who’ve known each other since their college days.


Brees said:


I’ve got a great relationship with Tom and really so much of it throughout our – I mean, we’re similar in age, he’s only a year older than me – a lot of it’s just been for me watching from a far. Of course, there’s those times we’ll see each other in the offseason, we’ll talk, we’ll text message here and there. But really it’s just kind of admiring from afar.

For me, I know during the offseason, when I’m looking for things that I want to get better at, maybe trying to introduce new concepts in our offense or just thinking about that next season, I very often turn on the tape of other quarterbacks in the league to watch what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and Tom has certainly always been one of those guys that I’ve watched.

Brees set an NFL record last year when he passed for 5,476 yards. Brady wasn’t far behind him with 5,235. But Brees didn’t hesitate to call Brady “one of the best if not the best of all time.”

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