Brandon Spikes: ‘It’s Shark Week’

FOXBOROUGH — Clearly, Brandon Spikes will be watching the Discovery Channel tonight and not Hard Knocks.

It’s Shark Week. Can you blame him?

Keeping his helmet on while talking to reporters (see: Ricky Williams), Spikes was asked about how comfortable he felt after offseason knee surgery and how aggressive he feels after being in the Patriots system the past two years, he sounded inspired by the special time of year that’s dedicated to one of nature’s most terrifying predators.

“That’s my nature,” he said. “Be aggressive. Be a shark. It’s shark week, so of course.”


He’s been in and out of practice since he got hurt during one of the Patriots’s training camp scuffles, so it’s been hard to gauge how he’s progressed so far, but he says he understands his role more now than he has in the past.

“I feel like in time over the years, I feel like I’m getting better, learning the principles of the D and where I’m supposed to be and where the next guy is. Being a middle linebacker, I’ve got to kind of direct guys, and it’s coming a lot easier this year. So Hopefully I can just keep getting better out there.”

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