Stallworth: ‘Nikko’ plays on

When receiver Donte’ Stallworth returned to the Patriots earlier this year, there was a question I got from a few folks on Twitter: is Nikko back too?

In his first go-round in New England, Stallworth admitted to having an on-field alter ego, whom he calls Nikko. At the end of our conversation for this piece in today’s Sunday Globe, I asked him if that alter ego is still with him.

Stallworth laughed and said he is.

“He only comes out on gamedays. I’m like real calm and chill outside of football but when I get into the games I’m a little different,” he said. “It catches people off guard when I’m out there playing and I’m out there cursing and pushing linemen around, because I’m completely the opposite off the field and it catches people off guard, but that’s just the way I play, that’s the way I’ve always played, and that’s just who I am when I’m on the field.”

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