1-on-1s: Wilfork dominates again for defense

We’ve already gone over the offensive one-on-one numbers, and I explained some of the rationale behind the tabulations.

Let’s get on with the defense. (Again, here are last year’s numbers for reference)

Screen Shot 2012-08-27 at 2.28.14 AM.png

The hardware:

Taking home the Mr. Unblockable Award for the second-straight season is Vince Wilfork. He wasn’t quite as awesome as he was in 2011, when he was never defeated, but he was pretty darn good (12-5-4).

Some notes:

  • Gerard Warren actually had the highest percentage, but his reps were a little limited and he was released. The same thing happened last camp. I thought for sure he had earned a spot on the team because he really was tough to block, but the team released him before brining Warren back. The only thing I can think of is the Patriots don’t think Warren can last through a whole season, so they prefer to bring him back fresh.
  • Chandler Jones had a very nice debut for a rookie. He’s not as proficient as Mark Anderson and Andre Carter were last year coming out of camp, but Jones is a rookie.
  • The two biggest numbers that jumped out at me were Ron Brace going 9-0-2, and Jermaine Cunningham at 5-10-2. I knew Brace was impressive at times in camp, but I didn’t know it was that consistent. Bodes well for him.
  • Cunningham had one, dominating 2-0 day and besides that, he really didn’t do much. That seems to jive with what I remember in camp. He’s very streaky, and mostly cold. Wonder what the coaches are thinking with him.
  • Rob Ninkovich was very good before having a little injury. He was 6-2-3 last year.
  • Trevor Scott was productive, but I remember it being against some of the lesser tackles.

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