1-on-1s: Solder, Wendell stand out for offense

Trying to catch back up after the short week and travel to Tampa, and I’ve finished with the one-on-one totals from camp.

These tend to provide a little more information and context as we head into cutdowns.

First, let me explain these drills and my determinations.

One-on-one drills are individual battles between the offensive and defensive lines.

One-on-ones are merely one drill during which coaches evaluate pass blockers and pass rushers. The Patriots also do many “game” periods where two defensive linemen run stunts at three offensive linemen. Those are almost impossible to tabulate. Of course, everything falls way behind play in actual 11-on-11 periods. That’s what really counts. This is just merely a very blunt tool to get a sense of how players are doing.

Secondly, I do not profess to be some sort of expert on the winners and losers in these drills. Just a guy who likes football and is trying to quantify what I’m watching. I try to stay conservative and only judge true wins and losses, and I try to stay consistent. It’s of no consequence to me if a player is a starter or not. Whatever number wins, I mark it down.

Lastly, no one should make any indictments on any players. It’s just one tool to judge a player’s performance, and it’s one of the few drills in which you can actually quantify who is doing well, or who perhaps is struggling a little. This also doesn’t take into account which players may be working on certain techniques in a session, which might cause them to lose but will make them better in the long run.

The numbers you see below are as follows: W for wins; L for loss; D for draw; Reps are the total number attempts, and then you have the percentages.

For the defense, I calculated win percentage. Getting to the QB is the ultimate goal. Having a draw is almost as good as a loss when you’re rushing the passer, but at least you’re not getting beat.

For the offense, I calculated loss percentage. For them, a tie is fine although you are allowing a little penetration. You just don’t want a loss, which means the quarterback is taking a pounding.

On the bottom of each chart shows the dominating wins and losses for each unit.

You can go back to my numbers from last year’s camp, and you’ll see that it was a fairly good indicator of what we would see during the regular season.

So, with all that said, here are the numbers for the offense:

Screen Shot 2012-08-27 at 2.05.18 AM.png

Let’s give out the hardware.

The 2012 Brick Wall Award is shared between LT Nate Solder and C/G Ryan Wendell, who each went 7-9-7. Now, it needs to be pointed out that because of all the injured and missing players, that would have placed fifth last year in camp. But they were the best of the bunch.

RT Sebastian Vollmer was the ’11 winner, as he went 15-7-7 (21.7%).

A couple of notes looking over the numbers:

  • I did not include any numbers from the Saints practice because that was really hard to make out. It’s a shame because it took a full day’s reps away and left us at totals less than last year.
  • When you step back and really look at the whole picture — and that’s why I keep these numbers — Nate Solder showed the necessary improvement from a year ago. I wrote before camp that he needed to do better than his 55.6 loss percentage as a rookie after a full offseason. He did: 39.1 percent. Well done by Solder.
  • Darrion Weems did a really nice job after being picked up. I thought he was by far the best of the backup tackles. It will be interesting to see what they do with him. Likely try to get him to practice squad. But you never know.
  • Surprised that Nick McDonald struggled as much as he did, but he was coming back from injury. Still, combine this with some underwhelming performances in the games, and I’m not sure he’s as close to the roster as I thought he was.
  • Dan Koppen started camp 3-11-1. He finished 5-2-1. That could have been him working to get back to full strength after the leg surgery last year. And it might give him a better chance at making the team.

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