Brady doesn’t know if he has a broken nose

NASHVILLE — Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, sporting a white strip on his injured nose, told reporters postgame that he was not sure if it was broken.

“Not my usual look,” Brady quipped after the game. “That was only the real good [shot] I took.”

The veteran quarterback suffered a bloody nose after getting flushed from the pocket in the second quarter by Titans defensive end Kamerion Wimbley. It was sack for a loss of eight yards. Brady hit the grass face first on the play and came up with blood.

“I’m not sure what happened,” he said.


It was pretty confusing for the 13-year pro, who stuck through the game despite the blemish. He finished 23 of 31 passing for 236 yards and two touchdowns.

“I have no idea what a broken nose feels like,” Brady said. “It’ll be fine. I need some of that anyways.”

Some of what?

“I need some scars. I need some … I never mind a little blood.”

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