Brady not concerned with Welker’s role


FOXBOROUGH — For Tom Brady, worrying about Wes Welker’s role on the team is a moot point.

“Look, it’s Week 1. We got a lot of football left to play,” Brady said.

With only five targets and three catches for 14 yards, there was speculation that Welker’s role had diminished in the team’s offense because of new addition Brandon Lloyd at wide receiver, as well as a return to a more balanced team by running the ball.

Brady was asked if Welker’s numbers were the result of the circumstances, the game plan, or something else.


“Well, I’m not sure. Every week is a little bit different,” he said. “So there’s different opportunities on different weeks for different players. I think the thing that is important to remember, it’s a 16-game season. So, you know, you start getting up there and play 600, 700 plays every year. When you need him most, you gotta be fresh.

“He’s a huge part of this offense and what we do on a weekly basis,” Brady continued. “So, you know, there’s not going to be too many games where he doesn’t get a lot of opportunities.”

Brady was also asked about his injured nose, which appeared to be reddish and peeling Wednesday morning.

“Yeah, it’s OK. My wife likes it so I’m good.”

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