Brady: Patriots face an outstanding few in Cardinals

FOXBOROUGH — Larry Fitzgerald may be the face of the Arizona Cardinals, but it’s his stellar teammates on defense that worries the Patriots so much heading into Week 2.

In Tom Brady’s weekly press conference, he spoke about a “disruptive” defensive line, something that he attributes to the Cardinals’ winning eight of their last 10 regular season games.

“Every team has some different styles to it, and schemes and coverages and so forth, and they really try to play to the strength of their players,” Brady said. “They have a very disruptive front. [Darnell] Dockett and [Calais] Campbell are really impressive players. It’s a very physical team, they’re fast.”


There’s obvious concern there with Dockett, 6-feet-4-inches and 290 pounds, and Campbell, 6-feet-8-inches and 300 pounds. They are immensely strong and can throw any offensive line into disarray. Dockett was reportedly unblockable down the stretch in Week 1 against the Seattle Seahawks. But they also have a couple of ball hawks to back them up in safety Adrian Wilson, arguably the best at his position, and second-year cornerback Patrick Peterson.

“Adrian Wilson is a phenomenal player,” Brady said. “They got Patrick Peterson, who is a very good young player. They have quite a few of their own strengths that they really play to. We gotta have a really good week of practice and try to really understand, even better, the things that they’re doing that are allowing them to win all these games.”

The Cardinals beat the Seattle Seahawks, 20-16, in Week 1. They were aided in their win by a tough drop by Braylon Edwards, that would have won the game in the fourth quarter. But the Cardinals were still able to hold the Seahawks down the stretch when it mattered.

“[They’re] a great red area team,” Brady said. “Coach said they led the league in red area the last few years. And obviously watching last weekend’s game against Seattle, they had an incredible red area stand there to win the game. And they play hard for 60 minutes. So those are some of the things that we talked about, that we’re going to need to counter with a physical style of play and try and go out there and execute in our plays, and certainly try to do better than last week.”

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