Patriots 6, Cardinals 6: Halftime thoughts

FOXBOROUGH – Some quickie thoughts at halftime:

  • The right ankle injury to Aaron Hernandez looks serious. Just a guess, but it’s either broken, or it’s a bad high ankle sprain. He can’t be put on injured reserve to be brought back later this season. The Patriots used that designation for Visanthe Shiancoe.
  • Not having Hernandez changes a lot for the Patriots. The offense was centered around him. But they can adjust after this game. They’ve played without him before. Look for Wes Welker to become more of a force in this offense. It looks like Welker was a complete non-factor in the gameplan going into the game. He’s barely played after Hernandez went out.
  • The Patriots will have to debate after this game whether to stay with tight ends, perhaps add another, or just bring a guy like Deion Branch and/or Jabar Gaffney and add in more receivers to the mix.
  • The Hernandez injury does not change the goal. This team can still win a Super Bowl, no question. They’ll just have to retool a little. We saw offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien do it in 2010 after the Randy Moss trade. Now it’s Josh McDaniels’ turn.
  • The Hernandez injury has obviously affected the offense, but I don’t know why Tom Brady keeps feeding Brandon Lloyd. Feed Rob Gronkowski.
  • If I’m Brady, I’m telling McDaniels and Bill Belichick that I need Welker in the game in the second half. Edelman deserves some time, but come on. And TE Michael Hoomanawanui struggles blocking. They should keep him on the sidelines and let Welker play.
  • Nothing wrong with the Patriots’ defense so far. They just need to keep doing what they’re doing. Kevin Kolb started getting affected by pressure late in the first half. Patriots need to keep the pressure on in the second half and let Kolb make some mistakes.
  • The Patriots are having an off day on special teams. Should have had a punt blocked.

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