Stephen Gostkowski: ‘Sometimes the ball just doesn’t fly your way’

It was a rare miss for the Patriots dependable kicker, but what a big miss it was.

After a frantic back-and-forth fourth quarter, the Patriots were in position to snatch victory from defeat at Gillette Stadium Sunday but Stephen Gostkowski, who had been 4 for 4 on field goals against the Arizona Cardinals, including a pair longer than 50 yards, pushed his 42-yard attempt wide left and the Patriots went down to a stunning 20-18 defeat.

Gostkowski took the heat for the loss.

“We had an opportunity to win the game,” Gostkowski said. “I’d had a good game up until that point, and I felt good going out there. It’s just one of those things, you get opportunities like that not very often, and I’ve got to do a lot better job of coming through for the team. I had a chance to win and it came down to me, and I didn’t pull through and it stinks. I feel bad for the fans and my teammates. I can’t take it back now, I went out there feeling good about the kick and just didn’t execute.”


Gostkowski said he felt confident about making the kick.

“I felt good going out there and it wasn’t the smoothest hit, and I looked up and I saw it was left, and you know, sometimes the ball just doesn’t fly your way. There’s probably not another game where I’d be more confident going out for a kick like that, and it humbles you really quick.”

The Patriots kicker is ready to move on.

“I’m not scared to fail, and it stinks when you do but I wouldn’t go out there every day if I was scared to screw up,” he said. “I’ll feel bad about this for a couple of days. I’m sure I’ll get ripped for it by the fans and stuff, but it’s well deserved. My teammates have my back and no one feels worse about missing the kick than I do.”

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